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Who is Oaks Psychological Wellness?

Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality of care to our clients. Our therapists use evidenced based techniques to help improve your emotional wellbeing.We provide our clients with tools you can use outside of therapy to deal with life's stressful situations that may come your way.We make therapy easy.

Alyssa Brunton


Alyssa primarily works with teens and young adults to help them identify skills to cope with life's challenges. She uses a cognitive behavioral approach to treatment to create a safe space to help them find their own hope

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Hanna Avnon


Kristina helps adults and couples struggling to make changes to heal from past trauma and make life long changes. She also deeply understands that systemic forces such as power, privilege, and oppression affect us all. Whether these dynamics have harmed or benefited you, our work together will explore their potential impact on your life.

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Dr. Danielle is the founder and Clinical Director of Oaks Psychological Services. She is a Clinical Psychologist and has been working with teens and their families in the Westlake Village area for the last 9 years. She is excited to now have passionate clinicians she can rely on to help better serve the community.

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Clinae Watson


Clinae helps adults who are struggling with stress or anxiety to let go of patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving in ways that no longer serve them. She works collaboratively to help them overcome depression, anxiety, painful memories, and more. She is finishing her Doctorate in Psychology and working under the supervision of Dr. Danielle Harris.

Clinae accepts Cigna Insurance

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Hanna Avnon


Hanna uses a client-centered, strengths-based approach to support children and teenagers with challenges that arise during their development. She creates a safe space where your child feels honored and valued. She works alongside the child and your family to create meaningful change.

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Madison Moore


Madison helps young adults suffering from anxiety to learn how to find solutions, create meaningful change and learn various coping strategies. She is finishing her doctorate degree and working under the supervision of Dr. Danielle Harris.

Madison accepts Cigna Insurance

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Individual Therapy

With individual therapy, we take an individualized approach utilizing CBT, ACT and other evidenced based therapeutic tools to help you define and reach your goals.

Online Therapy

Online therapy from the comfort and privacy of your home. See your therapist without coming into our offices.

Family Therapy

With Family Therapy we learn about your family dynamics and how each family member is contributing to the problem. We work collaboratively on what needs to change in order to create healthy familial relationships.

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